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When Is Self-Defense Legal?

In almost every legal jurisdiction, if you are charged with a serious crime – something like aggravated battery or homicide – and you can prove that you acted in self-defense, you'll be acquitted. How is self-defense defined by California law? If you are charged with a crime, how do you show that you were acting [...]

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How To Clear Or Remove Warrants In Orange County

Bench warrants are the most common type of warrant issued in California. Bench warrants are issued by a judge "from the bench," usually for failing to appear in court, pay a fine, or comply with some other court order. What's the best way to deal with a bench warrant? What about other warrants? You're about [...]

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Probation Vs. Parole In California

Although there are substantial differences, people will sometimes confuse parole and probation because of the similarities. In the state of California, probation can be one part of a sentence that a person receives when that person is convicted of a crime. Probation is ordered by a judge. Parole, in contrast, must be approved by a [...]

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House Arrest And Electronic Monitoring In California

As states across the nation face overcrowded jails and rising costs for incarcerating inmates, many states now use electronic monitors – "ankle bracelets" – as an effective way to keep tabs on convicted offenders while freeing up jail space. "We get them back into the community where they can work, they pay taxes, they have [...]

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Clearing Your Criminal Background In California

Across the United States, over 70 million individuals have some kind of a criminal history. That makes millions in California potentially subject to dozens of state and federal regulations and statutes that limit their rights, from employment and housing to voting or maintaining a driver's license or a firearm. Some restrictions are clearly reasonable, but [...]

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New Proposal Could Change California’s Gun Laws

While the overall crime rate has been slowly declining for several decades in the United States, hate crimes in this nation are on the rise. Precisely what is the definition of a hate crime? According to the federal Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990, hate crimes are "crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on [...]

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What Are California’s Statutory Rape Laws?

While it is a reality that many California teenagers are sexually active, according to one California court, "that fact alone does not establish that minors have a right to privacy to engage in sexual intercourse." Thus, in the state of California, it is against the law for a legal adult – someone age 18 or [...]

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Is Possession Of Concentrated Cannabis/Hashish Illegal In California?

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use. In 2016, when California voters approved Proposition 64, they decided that adults may possess up to an ounce of marijuana or grow as many as six plants at a time. But what about other forms of cannabis, like hashish? One of the [...]

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What Are California’s Disturbing The Peace Laws?

Almost any student of law or philosophy would probably tell you that the first duty of a government is to maintain the civil order and "keep the peace." Even today, that primary obligation of the state is still recognized when law enforcement officers are referred to as "peace officers." The first law against disturbing the [...]

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How Prevalent Is Human Trafficking In Southern California?

Law enforcement officers made 474 arrests during a three-day sting operation in January conducted to combat human trafficking in Southern California. The arrests included 142 men charged with solicitation and 36 men suspected of being "pimps." According to the New York Daily News, thirty different California police agencies took part in the operation. Reportedly, 27 [...]

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