The job of Criminal Defense Attorneys In Orange County, CA is basically to provide legal representation to clients who have been arrested and charged with crimes in court.


The crimes committed by the defendant may range in severity from a misdemeanor crime to a felony crime which is punishable by different levels of penalties based on the presets of the law. Punishment in criminal cases may range from minor fines, community services to months or years in prison. In some extreme cases, defendants, if found guilty may be sentenced to life imprisonment or may get the death penalty.


When faced with a criminal charge, legal representation is one of the most important aspects contributing to the outcome of the case. In most cases, a proper criminal defense may be enough to reduce the sentence which the defendant is faced with or overall override the charges causing the court to strike it out. To underline the importance of legal representation in criminal cases, the United States Constitution under the Sixth Amendment recommends that all defendants in a criminal charge be entitled to a criminal defense attorney in the absence of which a public defender will be appointed to represent such a person or persons. This means that if you are faced with a criminal charge, under the United States constitution, you are entitled to a public or private practice DUI attorney who will represent you in a court of law.


Why are Criminal Defense Attorneys Important?

Criminal law is complex as it embodies both the state and federal legislation. To drive this point home, each state in the United States has its set criminal laws which mean that the penalties associated with a particular crime in one state differ from the penalties in another state. The majority of crimes committed are state crimes with the exception of crimes which are carried out on federal employees or federal properties.


Criminal defense attorneys are essential because an average person does not have an in-depth understanding of state and federal criminal laws or the criminal justice process. The court, however, does not recognize ignorance of the law as a valid reason for a person to not be found guilty thus putting the services of the criminal defense attorney on the high side of all legal process.


While an individual has the right to represent themselves in the court of law during a criminal trial proceeding, chances are high that they may be setting themselves up to lose such a case as they are most likely lacking in one or more areas of legal practice such as an in-depth knowledge of court proceedings, state and federal criminal laws, lacking in experience and expertise and other areas.


Having a poor legal representation does not excuse a person from being found guilty, instead, poor representation in court is one of the easiest ways for such a person to face the full wrath of the law.


The services offered by a criminal defense attorney pre-trial

Criminal defense attorneys offer a wide range of services to their clients pre-trial to ensure that the case goes smoothly, fast and results in the best possible outcome for their clients. For people who have chosen to retain the services of a lawyer during the investigation period, – most common with people who nurse the fear that they may soon be charged to court-, the attorney ensures that investigations are conducted on both sides to protect the interest of their clients. Such an attorney also works with the client to ensure that they do not take actions or issue statements that may complicate their cases.


In the instance of pre-trial arrangements, a criminal defense attorney may also provide valuable legal help on how clients can best answer questions posed by law enforcement officers during questioning.


A criminal defense attorney may also be able to convince the court to drop all charges against their client with adequate evidence or in the event the prosecutors do not have enough evidence connecting such a person to the alleged crime. In other cases, a case may be dismissed if the evidence is found to have been obtained illegally or without following due procedure.

For example, the criminal defense attorney may be able to point out that the police officer must have probable cause before initiating an arrest. In this case, probable cause means that the police officer must be able to provide a compelling reason to believe that such a person had committed a crime for which they are worth arresting.


With a proper and in-depth understanding of the probable cause, a criminal defense attorney may be able to save his or her client from being arrested and altogether charged for a crime.


How your criminal defense attorney can help you


–         Evaluate charges and evidence

If you have been arrested and charged to court, your criminal defense attorney may be able to evaluate the case at hand, offer you an in-depth explanation on the severity of the case and possible penalties attached. Also, the attorney will evaluate the evidence against you and provide you with the best legal path and strategy.


–         Stop charges before they are filed

Your criminal defense attorney can also stop the prosecuting counsel from filing a case against you in court. This can be done by meeting with the District Attorney or a federal prosecutor in the aftermath of an arrest. Your lawyer may be able to present evidence which exonerates you from the alleged crime or they may be able to dispute the evidence presented by the prosecutors thus tearing the case apart even before it has been filed.


–         Recommend a defense strategy

With years of experience, your criminal defense attorney is in a better position to properly assess your case and the charges leveled against you. This allows them to come up with a strategy that helps them deliver the best outcomes.


–         Negotiate a plea bargain

In the event the case strategy is to negotiate a plea bargain, your attorney can meet with the District Attorney to negotiate a plea bargain which allows you access to reduced charges and reduced consequences.


–         Educate you

Working with a criminal defense attorney allows you access to some privy information including the dos and don’ts of a criminal charge defendant. Your attorney is better suited to educate you on the severity of the charges which you are faced with, penalties, defense strategies, what to say and do in court.


–         Compile evidence, important witness statements, hire private investigators

Your criminal defense attorney can use his or her network and connection to gather evidence which is key to defending your rights in the case. In addition, they can also gather witness statements to support your claim.