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Defending Against Prescription Drug Charges in Orange County: Legal Insights

Protecting Your Rights When You’re Facing Prescription Drug Charges Almost 50 percent of the U.S. population has used at least one prescription drug in the last month, and 24 percent have used three or more. And while prescription drug use is legal as long as you have been legally prescribed the medication by a licensed [...]

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What Steps Should Be Taken Immediately After an Arrest for Drug Charges?

I've Been Charged with Drug Crimes. What Should I Do? There are three vitally important things to do when you're charged with drug crimes. First of all, remain calm. Becoming angry or trying to evade law enforcement could work against you if the officer testifies that you were uncooperative during the arrests. Second, while remaining [...]

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Main Drug Classification and Penalties

How Does California Classify Different Drugs? Given the vast array of drugs that exist, prescription and otherwise, it's not surprising that this can be a highly complex part of criminal law. There are drugs that are illegal, while others are legal in specific circumstances, such as prescription drugs ordered by a qualified physician to treat [...]

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The Impact of Prop 47 on Drug Possession Offenses in Orange County

How California law handled drug possession offenses changed dramatically in 2014 when Proposition 47 (commonly known as Prop 47) was passed. It had a profound effect on people charged with drug possession. Here's what you need to know. What Is Prop 47? Prop 47 was a ballot measure approved by California voters in November 2014. [...]

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Can I Be Charged With a Drug Crime if I am in the Car With Someone Who Has Drugs?

You can be charged with drug possession if illegal substances are found in your vehicle, whether they belong to you or not. Even if you were unaware that the drugs were present, the police could still charge you. This is possible because of a legal concept called Constructive Possession. Remember, every case’s details are different, [...]

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The Differences Between Intent To Sell And Simple Possession

The law in California makes it a felony to possess certain controlled substances in order to sell them. Such substances include cocaine, heroin, LSD, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and codeine. But unless someone is caught "red-handed" selling a drug, how can the "intent to sell" be proven? In other words, if you are arrested while you are [...]

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Is Possession Of Concentrated Cannabis/Hashish Illegal In California?

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use. In 2016, when California voters approved Proposition 64, they decided that adults may possess up to an ounce of marijuana or grow as many as six plants at a time. But what about other forms of cannabis, like hashish? Can a drug [...]

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