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California Gun Laws And Violations

Some of the strictest gun laws in the United States are active in the state of California and to better navigate such cases as this, there is a need to seek the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney orange county. With California boasting of more laws on the books regarding guns than any other [...]

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What Is Entrapment?

Entrapment can be defined in a wide variety of ways, depending on the approach. The different definition of entrapment depends largely on which type of court is hearing your case. In the state of California, there are certain conditions that must be met for a case to be qualified as Entrapment and used by Orange [...]

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One way that crimes are categorized in the criminal justice system is by an alleged perpetrator’s intent – was it a “specific” intent or a “general” intent? Exactly what is the difference between specific and general intent, and what can that difference mean if you are charged with a crime? If you’ll continue reading, you’ll [...]

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Traveling When You’re On Probation – Is It Allowed?

The weather's already getting warmer. Spring and summer are the seasons when people like to travel and get away from the Southern California heat, but if you are on probation in this state after being convicted of a crime, will you be allowed to enjoy an out-of-state vacation? What exactly are California's travel rules for [...]

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Can Junk Science Affect Your California Criminal Case?

Popular movies and television shows like CSI put forth the notion that "science" is the key to solving crimes. But is "forensic evidence" trustworthy? In real life, blood pattern evidence, DNA evidence, fingerprints, and other "scientific" evidence sometimes just doesn't hold up. In fact, "scientific evidence" quite often is junk science, but if a California [...]

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Can A Gang Enhancement Increase Your Sentence?

You see street gangs in Hollywood movies, but that doesn't mean that the gangs are imaginary. In real life, street gangs commit a number of the drive-by shootings, drug crimes, armed robberies, and home invasions in Orange County and throughout southern California. California's Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (the "STEP Act") – is supposed [...]

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The Differences Between Reasonable Suspicion And Probable Cause

“Probable cause” and “reasonable suspicion” are two of the most important concepts in criminal law. But precisely what do these phrases mean? If you’re arrested for a crime, will probable cause or reasonable suspicion play any role in your prosecution? Can an Orange County criminal defense law firm help? HOW ARE “REASONABLE” SUSPICION AND “PROBABLE [...]

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Are Charges For Computer Crimes Limited To One State?

Lawmakers in all fifty states are struggling to understand and deal with advances in technology. In many of the cases involving digital technology, computers, and the internet, criminal defense attorneys and the courts have little guidance from lawmakers and sparse help from previous court rulings. What can happen, for example, if someone in California uses [...]

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How Does Victim Restitution In California Criminal Cases Work?

In cases where it is appropriate, restitution – as well as jail, probation, and fines – is ordered routinely by judges in California after a defendant receives a criminal conviction. If you become a crime victim in California, or if you are accused of a crime such as burglary, fraud, or embezzlement, you will need [...]

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Can YouTube Videos Be Used As Evidence?

You’ve probably seen them – assaults, burglaries, and other crimes, in living color on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms. Video evidence of a person perpetrating a crime may be introduced by the state as evidence in a criminal trial. If you are the defendant, your Orange County criminal defense attorney will either have [...]

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