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Grand Theft Laws In California

In the state of California, theft (or “larceny”) is defined as illegally taking another person’s money or property. Depending on the nature and value of the stolen property, a theft in California will be charged as a “petty” theft or larceny or as a “grand” theft or larceny. What’s the distinction? And what distinguishes theft [...]

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An Overview Of California’s 10-20-Life Gun Sentencing Enhancement

What happens in California when someone commits a crime with a firearm? When someone commits a crime with a firearm in this state, if that person is convicted, the “10-20-Life” sentencing enhancement can be imposed. You’re about to learn exactly how the sentencing enhancement is applied, what you should do if you are accused of [...]

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California’s Expungement Process Takes Too Long

Proposition 64 was approved by California’s voters in 2016. Proposition 64 not only legalized recreational cannabis use for adults in this state – but it also provided more than a million people with a chance to make their lives better. How? With Proposition 64’s passage, many of those with old convictions for marijuana possession automatically [...]

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What Is Revenge Porn?

It's called revenge porn. In 38 different states and the District of Columbia, distributing nude images of another person without that person's consent is a crime. Revenge porn is also at the center of a number of civil lawsuits across the country. The military has banned it, and Facebook is also working to fight revenge [...]

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Receiving Stolen Property Without Knowing – Is It Illegal?

Let's say that a friend – someone you trust and believe – asks you to "watch" or "safeguard" a firearm, some jewelry, or an amount of cash. On the basis of your friendship, you agree, but you soon find yourself under arrest and charged with receiving stolen property. It could happen to almost anyone. If [...]

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When Is Self-Defense Legal?

In almost every legal jurisdiction, if you are charged with a serious crime – something like aggravated battery or homicide – and you can prove that you acted in self-defense, you'll be acquitted. How is self-defense defined by California law? If you are charged with a crime, how do you show that you were acting [...]

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How To Clear Or Remove Warrants In Orange County

Bench warrants are the most common type of warrant issued in California. Bench warrants are issued by a judge "from the bench," usually for failing to appear in court, pay a fine, or comply with some other court order. What's the best way to deal with a bench warrant? What about other warrants? You're about [...]

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Probation Vs. Parole In California

Although there are substantial differences, people will sometimes confuse parole and probation because of the similarities. In the state of California, probation can be one part of a sentence that a person receives when that person is convicted of a crime. This is something our drug possession lawyers in Orange County, CA know very well. [...]

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House Arrest And Electronic Monitoring In California

As states across the nation face overcrowded jails and rising costs for incarcerating inmates, many states now use electronic monitors – "ankle bracelets" – as an effective way to keep tabs on convicted offenders while freeing up jail space. "We get them back into the community where they can work, they pay taxes, they have [...]

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Clearing Your Criminal Background In California

Across the United States, over 70 million individuals have some kind of a criminal history. That makes millions in California potentially subject to dozens of state and federal regulations and statutes that limit their rights, from employment and housing to voting or maintaining a driver's license or a firearm. Some restrictions are clearly reasonable, but [...]

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