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To many people, sex crimes are sometimes considered to be one of the most despicable crimes so it can be difficult for a defendant to assert his or her innocence. If convicted, the defendant faces a lifetime of consequences that will greatly impact employment, relationships and everyday living.

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How Can Orange County Sex Crime Attorneys Help?

Because of the severity of sexual misconduct laws and penalties, it is recommended to contact a Laguna Hills and Orange County sex crime lawyer to work on your case as soon as possible. Do not underestimate the seriousness of the charges against you. Orange County courts will aggressively pursue sex crime charges to inflict consequences that may affect you for the rest of your life.

Once our team of lawyers has reviewed your case, we will determine the best route to take with your defense. Our team has over two decades of experience working in the Orange County courts, so we are not strangers to tough trials and conservative prosecutors. Our goal is to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that we do so.

What Are Sex Offender Laws?

There are a number of sex crimes that you may be charged with in the state of California, including:

Sexual Harassment
Unwanted sexual conduct, legally referred to as sexual harassment, is typically divided into quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment.

  • Quid pro quo harassment occurs when an employee feels that his or her employment hinges on giving into sexual advances.
  • Hostile environment harassment occurs when a workplace is considered hostile or abusive due to sexual misconduct

Sexual harassment can take the form of unwanted sexual advances, verbal conduct, slurs, physical conduct, gestures or drawings.

Child Pornography
Under California law, it is a crime to:

  • Send, transport, produce or possess child pornography with an intent to distribute.
  • Knowingly develop, duplicate, print or exchange child pornography.
  • Knowingly advertise child pornography for sale.
  • Possess any child pornography
  • Knowingly participate in the production of child pornography

Child Molestation
Committing lewd acts on a minor is a serious sex crime law. The legal definition states that the crime is committed when a child is touched anywhere on his or her body for sexual purposes. This means that sexual organs do not have to be touched in order for this to be considered a crime, and the touching can take place over clothes.

Solicitation of Prostitution
Under California law, you may be charged with solicitation of prostitution if you offer compensation to someone in exchange for performing sexual acts. However, the law works both ways. You may also be charged with this crime if you agree to perform a sexual act in exchange for money.

California law prohibits engaging in the act of prostitution, and therefore, law enforcement officials are legally allowed to arrest the customer, the prostitute and any middlemen involved.

Solicitation of a Minor
You may be charged with solicitation of a minor if you:

  • Knowingly persuade, entice or coerce minors to travel across borders to participate in sexual activity, or attempt to do so
  • Knowingly transport a minor across borders to engage in sexual misconduct
  • Travel across borders with the intent of engaging in sexual misconduct with a minor

The team of Laguna Hills and Orange County sex crime lawyers at The SoCal Law Network can help you make sense of the charges filed against you and devise a strategy to fight them.

Orange County Sex Crime Lawyer


What Are The Penalties?

A number of factors including the specifics of your case and your prior record may help determine what penalties you will receive if convicted.

Sexual Harassment
When dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, employers may be liable even if they were unaware that the misconduct was taking place. Employers may avoid liability if they take immediate action to end the misconduct as soon as they are made aware of it.

Child Pornography
These charges can be considered either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the nature of the crime. As a misdemeanor, defendants may face up to one year in county jail and a fine up to $2,500. However, felony charges could warrant much more severe penalties, including up to 8 years in state prison and fines upwards of $100,000.

Child Molestation
Any conviction of committing lewd acts on a minor will put the defendant on the sex offender registry list for a lifetime. The possible jail time varies depending on the age of the child as follows:

  • For children under 14, you may face up between 8-16 years in prison, depending on whether or not force was used and if the defendant has a prior record.
  • For children who were 14 or 15 years old, you may face up to three years in prison.
  • For children who were 16 or 17, the case would be considered a statutory rape or sexual battery and not a child molestation.

Solicitation of Prostitution
If you are a first time offender, you may face probation, monetary fines and up to a year in county jail. However, repeat offenders are usually given harsher sentences that may include mandatory jail time. People who have been convicted of this charge do not need to become registered sex offenders unless told otherwise by the judge.

This is typically a misdemeanor charge with penalties of up to six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine, unless the defendant has a prior record. Similar to the solicitation charge, people who have been convicted of prostitution do not need to register as sex offenders unless told otherwise by a judge.

Solicitation of a Minor
Penalties will vary depending on whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Sentences may vary between 10 years and life based on the severity of the crime. All individuals convicted of this charge must register as a sex offender.

Because of the severity of these penalties, it is always in your best interest to contact an experienced Laguna Hills and Orange County criminal defense attorney who can attempt to reduce the charges to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Have you or a loved one been charged with committing a sex crime? Contact the team at The SoCal Law Network to speak with a highly skilled Orange County sex offender attorney to defend you against the charges. Call 949-305-7995 to schedule a free consultation today.