Ah, pizza – what’s better for the soul than zesty tomato sauce, freshly grated mozzarella and tender, seasoned crust that doesn’t overwhelm the flavors of the meats, sauces, and vegetables? There’s nothing better than delicious pizza and that’s true for any occasion in life. What’s the best pizza in Orange County? We set out to find the answer to that question. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a great pie, but we figured it’d be a great way to justify pizza every day until we’d hit the best of the best in Orange County. We weren’t disappointed.

There’s an authenticity in the classic Italian pie that just can’t be duplicated using other elements. While we agree shrimp is a perfectly acceptable food choice to enjoy even on a daily basis, for our team, putting it atop a zesty pizza sauce and then covering it with cheese, even if you add pineapple – is just wrong. That’s how we defined our methodology: authenticity, no silly fads, classic ingredients and piping hot when we tried it. We set the bar high and we weren’t disappointed.

Pizzeria Sapori

This pie is almost indescribable. If you’ve lived your life enjoying the admittedly tasty delivery pizzas from America’s chains, the Pizzeria Sapori pie will forever change your idea of delicious Italian pizza. More specific, it’s a classic Neapolitan. Did you know that in Naples, there are rules that are followed by all who create pizzas? It’s true and fortunately for the taste buds of Americans, this commitment to quality is still top priority for the team at Pizzeria Sapori. This is definitely a must-have pie.

The Stag Bar & Kitchen

This pizza pie “looks” more like the pizzas we Americans are used to consuming. It’s the crust that makes this pizza so delicious. Not that every ingredient didn’t play into that deliciousness factor, but the crust was light, not over-kneaded and flavorful. From there, the peppers, meats, and cheeses came together to create one of the best Italian pizzas many will ever know. It’s that good.

Il Dolce

Finally, we stop at Il Dolce Pizzeria. The Margherita pie is one that should be required for eating. The fresh mozzarella, the fantastic spices in the sauce and tasty crust are melded in a wood-fired stove, giving it that rugged, but true, Italian taste. Describing the flavor is similar to a slow waltz, where every step seamlessly transitions into the next and dancers become the dance.

Margherita Tuesdays are popular as the restaurant sells the pies for just $10 each. Rest assured – after having this pizza, you may think they’re losing profits by offering something so amazing at such a reduced price. Rest assured – they’re making believers out of folks and there’s no better way to accomplish that than with consistently delicious food. Il Dolce hits a home run and is by far our favorite.

Everyone has their favorite pies – it’s what makes the world go ‘round. What’s yours? And what’s better – a tangy sauce or a tender crust?