The city of Orange County, California is home to the bold and adventurous souls who thrive in the outdoors, whether it’s walking the stunning beaches, hiking along the many trails or spending the afternoon with the kids on a picnic. The expectations are high – and this region of beautiful California doesn’t disappoint. If you haven’t visited any of the Orange County state parks, now’s a great time to do so. Here are a few of our favorites –

A first. choice among Orange County locals, Bolsa Chica State Beach, located in Huntington State Beach Park, offers bike trails and a serene five-mile stretch of beach for optimal viewing of the sunrise or if you prefer, the sunset. It’s good for the soul. While surfers make the most of the ocean waves, skaters are making the most of the dry land. This park is nearly 80 acres of spectacular Southern California beauty. Take the family and enjoy a picnic, witness the breathtaking scenery or watch the tides come in as part of a perfect day, all with the healing salt air wafting off the Pacific Ocean. Even truck drivers will travel across the nation to see these sites. If a truck accident occurs, contact a Texas truck accident law firm.

For those looking for more of a camping experience, you do not have to look further than San Onofre State Beach. This spot offers two campgrounds south of San Clemente on I-5. Campers can choose from either the Bluffs or San Mateo with a trail that delivers you to warm sand on the beach. This is a favorite spot for local surfers, too. This massive park, 3,000 acres to be exact, offers plenty of parking, spacious camping spots and much more.

If you like the idea of an underwater nature preserve, why not enjoy a day of diving at Crystal Cove State Beach, just off Pacific Coast Highway? This unique area is near Laguna Beach and offers an ideal stretch of beach that extends out more than three miles. Not only that, but for those who can appreciate a challenging hike, there are plenty of canyons and wooded spaces that deliver a strenuous, though energizing, workout. Here you’re likely to find mountain bikers and swimmers; families with little ones or the lone surfer on a Thursday morning, looking to take advantage of a perfectly time tide that’s rolling in. Remember, too, that the offshore area is a massive underwater nature preserve – that alone makes this a park worth the trip.

Everyone knows about the spectacular beaches in this area as well as the many shopping malls and highly ranked schools, but until you have explored the California state parks located in and around Orange County, you have not seen the full beauty of what our piece of paradise has to offer. Not many places in the world can offer what Orange County delivers for those who love the outdoors. Rejuvenate your soul as you escape the mundane carbon copy days and leave the predictability behind. Be sure to double check the California Parks and Recreation site for information regarding the fees and other site-specific guidelines.